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EGU General assembly

Vienna, 7–12 April 2019

Session: Soils as a non-point source of contamination by emerging contaminants, including pesticides or their degradation products

The world annual consumption of pesticides has amounted to 2.7 × 106 tons in recent years. Agricultural land is the first recipient of pesticides after its application; even if the pesticides are applied in accordance with the regulations, only a minor amount reaches its objectives, while the rest represent possible environmental contaminants and short or long-term harvest products, with a wide range of possible negative impacts. For many pesticides or their degradation products, soils become the non-point source of groundwater contamination and / or surface water. On the other hand, these pesticides represent a potential risk for soil biota, such as nematodes, microorganisms and plants.

 The purpose of the session is to share the knowledge generated by researchers whose interest lies in the role of soil in the destination and the behavior of emerging contaminants, including pesticides.

This session will include contributions from different areas:

1. Development, validation and application of analytical methods for pesticides and their degradation / transformation products in water, soil, sediment, air and food samples for direct consumption or fresh consumption.

2.  Studies of adsorption, desorption, physical transport, synergies, etc. between soil and organic pollutants of agricultural production (pesticides, pharmaceutical products, other emerging pollutants, which favor their environmental availability.

3. Field tests, monitoring and modeling of environmental destinations of pesticides.

4. Effects of mixtures of pesticides and pesticides on non-target organisms and interactions of various classes of pesticides detected in the natural environment.

5. Evaluation of risks of environmental contamination by pesticides.

6. Assessments regarding climate change on the fate and behavior of pesticides.

The scientific session “Soils as a non-point source of contamination by pesticides or their degradation products” will provide an opportunity to research teams working in different parts of the world to discuss their findings within the settings of a large conference.