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IsoCycles 2017

15th-20th October 2017 at the Conference Centre Monte Verità, Ascona

The IsoCycles 2017 Organizing Committee welcomes you to attend the conference "IsoCycles 2017" that will be held from October 15 to 20, 2017 at the Conference Centre Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland, the venue of choice for Congressi Stefano Franscini, the international conference platform of ETH Zurich.

The improvement of analytical techniques and the substantial increase in the number of laboratories with the instrumentation required to perform isotopic measurements have boosted the number of studies using stable isotopes.

Stable isotopes of C, N, and S, and recently of oxygen (O) bound to P in phosphate, are powerful tools to trace sources, track transfers, and understand abiotic and biological processes and transformations of nutrients in the environment. However, although the biogeochemical cycles of individual nutrients are closely coupled, only a limited number of studies has attempted to combine stable isotope analyses of multiple nutrient elements.

This combination of stable isotope analyses offers new opportunities to better understand the drivers and consequences of changes in nutrient stoichiometry across ecosystems. Advancing a coupled stable isotope research agenda in the important area of nutrient biogeochemistry is the opportunity we seek to exploit through the proposed conference.  

Organizing committee

This conference is the fruit of the joint effort of an international team of researchers from different fields, but all working with stable isotopes.

The scientific committee is composed by Emmanuel Frossard, Astrid Oberson and Federica Tamburini (Soil and plant nutrition, ETH Zurich), Ben Surridge (Aquatic ecosystems, Lancaster University), Samuel Abiven (Soil science, University of Zurich), Carsten Schubert (Surface waters, EAWAG Kastanienbaum), Daren Gooddy (Groundwater processes, British Geological Survey), and Rolf Siegwolf (Ecosystem fluxes, PSI). Organization by Paolo Demaria (Demaria Event Management, Zurich)